Intelligence & Process Systems Engineering Lab
School of Chemical Engineering, SKKU
Our research focuses on the development of 

new computational models, design & optimization techniques, and system analysis methods along with a balance between theory and its applications ranging from molecular to national levels.

Our research aims to provide solutions to build sustainable systems through balancing on energy demand & supply, protecting environment, and ensuring energy security & economic viability.

IPSE LAB is...

Where we develop theory, models and solution algorithms for problems

                                                                              in Chemical process, Sustainable Energy & Environment Systems:

- Optimization-based decision-making for scheduling, planning, and supply chain management

- Process synthesis, simulation & techno-economic and life cycle analysis

- Artificial Intelligence for new material discovery and smart factory


Join IPSE Lab !!

We are actively seeking for talented, dedicated, and self-motivated group members:


  • Prospective PhD/MS Students: Students interested in the graduate degree program at SKKU should contact the department directly for general admission inquiries. Prospective PhD or MS students interested in joining IPSE lab are very welcome to contact Professor Kim.

  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities: We are excited to offer research opportunities to SKKU undergraduates. Undergrad research work may be conducted in a volunteer capacity for pay after internship. Undergraduate research works in PSE Lab usually lead to journal publications. SKKU undergraduate interested in working in IPSE Lab, please contact Professor Kim.

  • Postdoctoral & Visiting Scholar Positions: Interested candidates are always welcome to contact Professor Kim for information regarding research positions. In the email, please include your CV, a brief statement of research interests, and reference contacts.

Please Contact Prof. Kim or any lab members for more details.

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